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Welcome to the unique and exclusive chance to discover the skies of Southern Morocco at night!

The Sahara, the desert, the moon, the stars, the planets, constellations, meteors and the Milky Way have been fascinating humans since the dawn of man.

Many civilizations from antiquity, including the early Babylonians and Mesopotamians, the Maya, the Chinese, the Arabs - in particular during the Midvale period - and the Greeks, with the rest of the Europeans following in their tracks, have explored the sky, discovered, named and enjoyed a lot of stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and more.

The began using their discoveries for orientation purposes, as reference and guidance in the desert to safely run their trading routes by caravans from South to North and vice versa. The stars showed them their way - back to their camp sites and families.


So are you dreaming of the desert night sky?

The Sahara is a very popular highlight in any tour to Morocco. And stargazing in the desert night is guaranteed to become a truly unforgettable experience. Just one more reason why you should not miss it while being in the area!

We invite you to discover the beauty of the sky from our camp site in the desert in the deep South of Morocco. We are based in Erfoud, where the sky meets the Earth. We welcome you to share our knowledge and experience in astronomy at our camp, so come to the deep South of the Moroccan desert tzo make your dream become a reality!

Discover the Milky Way, the Polar Star, the Planets Saturn and Jupiter, the constellations of the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Cassiopeia. Continue with other planets, stars and constellations with both your naked eye as well as our 200 mm telescope.

Imagine what you will be able to see through our equipment! You may be able to identify stars like Arcturus, Aldebaran, Alderamine, Vega, Altair, Sirius, Rigel and many more. Would you like to see a fallin g star and make a wish - chances are tremendous! Do not observe only one but - with a little luck - several meteors per night! Discover and amire the sky, the planets, the stars from this unique observation point. Take your very own actual observations of the sky by using our telescope as much as you wish. Decide for your own whether the famous constellation you see is really a big bear --- or rather a casserole or even a camel!



Stargazing in the Sahara


Star gazing is not one of the things that immediately springs to mind when you are visiting Morocco. However, it is an ideal destination because although most of us live in areas with high population density and light pollution which obstruct the natural starry sky, there are areas in Morocco where there are no city lights .Merzouga Erg chebbi sand dunes is one of the fabulous And unique paradises for stargazing in morocco.
Try Camel trek into the Sahara for an unforgettable night of stargazing at one of the spectacular desert sky . The stars in the Sahara are fantastic , and the sky is dark .

Stargazing in the desert, Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Our highly entertaining and successful stargazing experience , we will take you on trip in the desert sky , how nomads crossed the sahara by night and give you a tour of the night sky.

Our clear dark skies are perfect for stargazing. Using high-powered lasers, we will point out the various stars and constellations such as Orion, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. We will show you how to find the North Star and explain how to navigate by the stars.
Using our telescope 200 mm you will be able to see craters and mountains on the crescent moon, as well as Venus, Mars, saturne and Jupiter. Depending on the season. It is always best to see the Moon during its crescent phase as its craters, mountains and valleys are filled with a jet black shadow, making them more easily visible. Venus will be putting on a spectacular display, shinning as the evening star at its maximum brightness; while Jupiter stays high in the sky all night long.

For night owls, the planet Saturn will be visible at around midnight and you will be able to see its majestic rings through our telescope.

Our astronomical evenings are takin place on a regular basis except for when the moon is full and very bright, as the observation will then be impossible, or we are facing bad weather such as wind, storm or dense clouds.

Our evenings are open to all ages, all languages, all nationalities. We do speak French, English, Spanish and German. We do our best to simplify our speech in order to reach the maximum of our public.

Our price includes: transport from your hotel to our camp, hot beverages , touareg coffee with spices or mint tea, dinner at the camp, the astronomical event itself, incl. presentation, sky lecture and observation with our telescope and finally the lift back to your hotel.

Our price is EUR 30,-- / person
For reservations:


Make your trip a special one and join us to share our Astronomical knowledge!


How to make a reservation?

by e-Mail to:

by phone call to: ++212 661 503 500

Our price includes: transport from your hotel , the astronomical event itself, incl. presentation, sky lecture and observation with our telescope and finally the lift back to your hotel.

Astronomical Event Programme

at 21 h 00 - meeting at our camp site

at 21 h 15 - general presentation

Presentation will include details about the nomadic style of life and the impact of the sky, stars, planets on the life of the desert's human inhabitants - how they managed to guide their trading caravans on safe routes across the mighty Sahara by using the night sky as a means of orientation.

at 21 h 45 - observation

Sky observation and contemplation, testing your knowledge and how you understood the presentation.

at 22 h 00 - sky lecture

Exploration of circumpolar constellations, other visible constellations depending on season, open clusters, planets & the Milky Way.

at 22 h 30 - observation using a 200 mm telescope

Observation of the moon if in visibilty, planets, open clusters, questions and answers with our presenter. Discussion open until

at 23 h 00 - closure and end of the presentation



Due to the special conditions existing in the Sahara we hereby assume no responsibilities of any sort whatsoever for the operation and integrity of our camp or the equipment and optics put at your disposal. Such conditions may include but cannot be limited to sandstorms, heat, clouds and rain.

As we operate in open air space, directly face to face with the actual sky serving as our planetarium, the exact weather is difficult to forecast a longer period in advance. This is why we will try to avoid the nights when the moon is too bright and the visibility very poor. We will publish every month the days when stargazing is possible.

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Desert Sky Astro Lab
Merzouga, Morocco

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